Call for Papers: Social Innovations and Education


Vol. 11, Issue 2 (Year 2021)

Issue Editors: Veronika Tašner and Slavko Gaber

In times of rising social challenges in different areas of society, it seems that we are entering a long period of social transition. In such a situation, it is obvious that societies are in need not only of technological and technical innovations, but there is also an accentuated need for social innovations. Social innovations are too frequently left aside as they are seen as less valuable because they do not provide direct profit for the investor. ‘The Age of Transition’ is, in terms of the problems we are facing and will face, too sensitive to be left to pure chance.


That is why scientists should approach the challenges of the present and future societies with special attention and care. Reflecting and taking into the account social, economic, historical, environmental, and personal aspects in the search for new forms of government, economy, and personal life are just some of the fields that invite social innovation.


While we believe that education will still prepare people for a profession and paid employment, we consider as valid the thesis that it will not prepare people solely for them. It thus seems that younger generations will have to prepare for the world of hybrid economies, which are on the rise, and diversified life trajectories. In this respect, social innovations are needed, both regarding knowledge production as well as regarding social capital and social care mechanisms.


On the above-presented background, we would like to invite the authors to provide their ideas on social education and education related to:

-              Education for innovations – in particular for social innovations

-              Examples of good practices of social innovations in education

-              Reflections on the social innovations conceptualisations and practices in future societies

-              Other innovative approaches to the “problematic” of social innovations.


Article submission timeline:

30 December 2019: submission of paper title and abstract [250 words max.]

30 September 2020: paper submission [between 5,000 and 7,000 words]

June 2021: publication of the focus issue in the CEPS journal


Please send the abstract to and clearly state the title of the focus issue.


When preparing the manuscript, please follow our guidelines, available here: